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How to submit my tax return quickly

Contact us for assistance registering on the SARS e-filing platform and every year you will be able to submit your tax return or tax returns via e-filing and avoid long queues.If you would like us to prepare your tax return and avoid costly mistakes such as understatement of income, we may be able to help you in this regards. However, SARS requires a taxpayer to complete a Sars Power of Attorney giving our tax practice permission to complete and submit  tax returns on your behalf. We charge customers for this service.Read our disclaimer.

I have a personal tax number. Do I need to register separately for my business

Unfortunately, SARS prefers every taxpayer to keep thier personal tax affairs separate from those related to their business. You may contact SARS direcly or our tax practice for assistance registering your business (or company) as a taxpaying entity. That way, you will avoid mixing personal with those of your business, tax affairs. Read our disclaimer

I Need Help Drawing Up My Will & Last Testament

Drawing up your will and last testament is a very sensitive process and you will need to contact your lawyer or financial adviser who is specialises in helping clients to write wills. If you don't have access to a lwayer or financial adviser, for obvious reasons of course, your bank might be able to help you sort out this problem Back in2005 I was able to help my life insurance clients draw out a basic will for just R430 excluding VAT through a collaboration between the insurer I was representing at the time and one of the top banks. Of course, you should expect to may more for  drawing up a will, especially if it's a complicated task Read our disclaimer.

How Do I Register a Business & How Long Will I Have to Wait for Approval

Registering a business these days is fast. For example, you could register your business this week, and start operating the following week. A trading business could take longer to start than a one man plumbing concern. A hardware entity on the other hand could need stocking of different items  and careful planning before it can open its doors for business, while a so-called private r could start immediately with just one customer from up your street wanting you to repair a blocked drainage system or to install a bath tub or hot water mixing system: provided the plumber has all the tools and parts necessary to complete the job. Read our disclaimer.

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